A fun and addictive free puzzle game with many different levels
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Enigma is a puzzle game with a simple premise: to find identic pairs of gems called "oxyd stones". It sounds simple, but it is not so. The game has many levels, all with its own challenges. And since many of the games were designed by fans and external contributors, it adds more complexity and creativity to each level.

The game's simple startup screen lets you choose among various options. From it, you can start a game immediately and go to the level pack, which is where the different level sets are stored. You can also set your preferences regarding audio, video, storage paths, and language, among others. The program has 20 language packs to choose from, such as Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, English, and German, so you can set the language that better suits your needs.

As I've said, the objective of the game is very simple, but each game of each level asks you to do so in very different manners. For example, you may need to walk through a labyrinth to get to each of the stones, or pass through doors that open or close randomly. There are almost endless possibilities, thus you will never get bored.

Maybe the only drawback of the game is that its graphics are very basic. Nevertheless, this is not a big disadvantage since the most important thing is the game itself. The best part is that the program is absolutely free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Fun to play
  • Challenging


  • Graphics are very simple
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